About Our African City

Our African City’s philosophy is to view urban transformation through an African lens which says: How do we use environmentally sustainable economic growth as a means of achieving particular social goals? This means that marginalised communities are included in urban development planning for social spaces, economic development and in environmental management and protection.

The Our African City dialogue seeks to:

  • Be a dialogue that is initiated, developed and owned by Africa with the intention of bridging collaboration across government, business and society about how best to manage urbanisation.
  • Create a collaborative space by breaking down silos and respectfully sharing ideas and learning from one another.
  • Recognise that solving the challenges of urban development requires methods and approaches grounded in innovation and through innovation we can leapfrog the developmental path taken by developed countries.
  • Recognise the nuances of the African urban economy, integrating rather than maligning characteristics like the informal sector.
  • Focus on putting the needs of people first by understanding what our citizens want to see and experience in their cities and exploring ways to satisfy those needs in sustainable, competitive, liveable cities that are environmentally responsible.
  • Enable an ongoing dialogue through which an evolving base of knowledge, new ideas and new learning based on the reality of what our cities are and the vision we must all partner on to co-create.